Rheology of Earth Materials :

Closing the gap between timescales in the laboratory and in the mantle

1 July 2019: TimeMan in Paris and Apatity (Russia)

Pierre Hirel and Alexandre Mussi are in Paris for:

Intergranular and Interphase Boundaries in Materials - IIB 2019

Two communications:

P. Hirel "Numerical simulation of grain boundaries in oxides" (Oral: Monday July, 1st 11:40am)

A. Mussi, BC Nzogang, C. Bollinger, P. Cordier, J. Bouquerel "Characterization of recovery by boundary migration and dynamic recrystallization in experimentally deformed polycrystalline olivine" (Poster)


Patrick Cordier is in Apatity (Russia) for:

XIX International Meeting on Crystal Chemistry, X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy of Minerals

Plenary lecture:

P. Cordier "Crystal defects and flow in minerals from the Earth’s mantle" (Tuesday July, 2nd 12am)