Rheology of Earth Materials :

Closing the gap between timescales in the laboratory and in the mantle

14 december 2019 – Publication in Minerals of a study on the ultimate mechanical properties of olivine.

Pressure induced amorphization in olivine has been reported when it is compressed at ca. 40 GPa. However, the onset of amorphization varies depending on the composition, the type of loading (static, dynamic), but also on non-hydrostaticity. Here, very non-hydrostatic loading conditions are applied to a perfect crystal of forsterite. We show that the onset of mechanical instability of forsterite can be as low as 5–6 GPa for some shear conditions.

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K. Gouriet, P. Carrez & P. Cordier (2019) Ultimate mechanical properties of forsterite. Minerals, 9, 787, https://doi.org/10.3390/min9120787