Rheology of Earth Materials :

Closing the gap between timescales in the laboratory and in the mantle

14 January 2020 - Boundaries in olivine : move and relax


Plastic deformation of olivine is still not well understood in the conditions of the lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary. Here we investigate the origin of substantial changes of the mechanical properties of olivine aggregates deformed in axial compression under a confining pressure of 300 MPa, at 1273 or 1473 K. Using automatic crystallographic orientation mapping (ACOM) analyses in TEM we identify a noticeable difference in the onset of microstructural recovery between specimens deformed at 1273 and 1473 K linked to boundary migration.

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Nzogang, B. C., Thieme, M., Mussi, A., Demouchy, S., and Cordier, P.: Characterization of recovery onset by subgrain and grain boundary migration in experimentally deformed polycrystalline olivine, Eur. J. Mineral., 32, 13–26, https://doi.org/10.5194/ejm-32-13-2020, 2020.

This publication is a result of the RheoMan project.


This paper belongs to the first issue of European Journal of Mineralogy published under its new open access format by Copernicus Publications