Rheology of Earth Materials :

Closing the gap between timescales in the laboratory and in the mantle


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23rd International Mineralogical Association General Meeting (IMA 2022)

Launching of

18 - 22 July 2022 - Lyon, France

Participant: P. Cordier



Earth Mantle Workshop

10 - 13 July 2022 - Toulouse, France (Circular)

Participant: P. Cordier




Journée thématique Défauts dans les cristaux: origines, caractérisation et conséquences

2-2 septembre 2021 - Délégation CNRS Rhône-Auvergne (DR7), Villeurbane

Action Thématique organisée sous l’égide des Réseaux CMDO+ (http://cmdo.cnrs.fr/), CRISTECH (http://cristech.cnrs.fr/) et RECIPROCS (https://cdifx.univ-rennes1.fr/RECIPROCS/RECIPROCS.htm) de la Mission pour les Initiatives Transverses et Interdisciplinaires du CNRS (MITI)

Participant: P. Cordier

P. Cordier "Dislocations dans les minéraux: une affaire de cœur" (Conférence invitée)


European Mineralogical Conference EMC 2020

29 August - 2 September 2021 – Krakow, Poland (Virtual)

Participants: P. Cordier, V. Delbecq

  • V. Delbecq, P. Carrez, P. Cordier, J.F. Paul, S. Pipolo "Numerical study of mechanical properties of Mg2SiO4 glasses" (Oral)
  • I. Ul Haq, V.Samae, P. Cordier, H.Idrissi, D. Schryvers "In situ TEM study of shear-induced amorphization and grain boundary sliding in olivine" (keynote)


Microscopy Conference 2021 Joint Meeting of Dreiländertagung & Multinational Congress on Microscopy

22-26 August  – Virtual (Vienna, Austria)

Participant: I. Ul Hacq

  • I. Ul Haq, P. Cordier, H. Idrissi, D. Schryvers "A quantitative analysis of in-situ grain boundary sliding inside a transmission electron microscope" (Oral)


Goldschmidt 2021

4-9 July 2021 - Virtual (Lyon France)

Participant: P. Cordier, P. Hirel

Theme 6: Nano to Microscale Processes; Chairs: Benjamin Gilbert, Patrick Cordier, Richard Harrison, Katharina Marquardt

  • P. Hirel, P. Carrez and P. Cordier « Grain boundary complexions in minerals » (Invited)
  • P. Cordier, I. Ul Haq, V. Samae, H. Idrissi and D. Schryvers « In situ TEM study of a new grain boundary deformation mechanism in olivine » (Oral)


E-MRS - 2021 Spring Meeting

31 May - 4 June  2021 - Virtual (Strasbourg, France)

Participants: P. Baral, P. Cordier, M. Coulombier, H. Idrissi & I. Ul Haq

Symposium K: Advanced small-scale mechanical characterization: strength, plasticity, fracture and fatigue. Organizers: Thomas W. CORNELIUS, Megan J. CORDILL, Hosni IDRISSI, Benoit MERLE (Main) and Ana Maria RUIZ MORENO - Co-sposored by TimeMan

  • P. Cordier, A. Orekhov, R. Dohmen, M. Coulombier, T. Pardoen, D. Schryvers, H. Idrissi "Surprising high ductility of amorphous olivine at room temperature during in situ nanomechanical tensile testing" (Oral)
  • M. Coulombier, P. Baral, A. Pip, R. Dohmen, J.P. Raskin, T. Pardoen,  P. Cordier, H. Idrissi,: « Time dependent response of amorphous olivine thin films determined by on-chip nanomechanical testing » (Oral)
  • P. Baral, A. Orekhov, R. Dohmen, M. Coulombier, J.P. Raskin, P. Cordier, H. Idrissi, T. Pardoen : « Rheology of amorphous olivine thin films characterized by nanoindentation at ambient temperature » (Oral)

  • I. Ul Haq, V. Samae, P. Cordier, H. Idrissi, D. Schryvers "In situ TEM study of a new grain boundary deformation mechanism in olivine" (Poster)


EGU General Assembly 2021

25–30 April 2021 - Vienna, Austria

Participant: P. Cordier

Session From Minerals to the Dynamics of Earth's interior: Linking Crystal Chemistry, Rheology and Geodynamics across the scales; Chairs: Anna Gülcher, Sebastian Ritterbex, Jac van Driel, John Hernlund and Patrick Cordier



Colloque Plasticité Virtuel

6 - 7 april 2020 - Anywhere

Participants: everybody


  • M. Landeiro Dos Reis, P. Carrez, Patrick Cordier « Interaction entres les lacunes chargées et une dislocation coin dans MgO » (Oral)
  • V. Delbecq, P. Carrez, P. Cordier, J.F. Paul, S. Pipolo « Étude numérique des propriétés mécaniques des verres Mg2SiO4 » (Oral)



Nanobrücken 2021

Nanomechanical Testing Conference - Programme

23-24 February 2021 - Virtual event

Participants: P. Cordier, H. Idrissi

  • P. Cordier, A. Orekhov, R. Dohmen, M. Coulombier, T. Pardoen, D. Schryvers, H. Idrissi "High ductility of amorphous olivine at room temperature during in situ nanomechanical tensile testing in the TEM" (Video Poster)



Electronic Materials and Applications (EMA 2021)

Jointly programmed by the Electronics Division and Basic Science Division of The American Ceramic Society

19-22 January  2021 - Virtual Meeting

Participants: P. Cordier

Session S11 – Dislocations in Ceramics: Processing, Structure, Plasticity, and Functionality

  • P. Cordier “On the importance of dislocation climb to deform minerals in the Earth” (invited)




TimeMan 2020 @ everywhere

6-7 January 2021 - Zoom

Participants: All the team !








AGU Fall Meeting - Virtual

7-11 December 2020

  • P. Cordier, V. Samae, H. Idrissi "Investigating grain boundary sliding in olivine by in situ nanomechanical testing in a transmission electron microscope" (Oral)
  • S. Mahmoud, P. Carrez, P. Cordier "Breaking the barrier of time in computational mineral physics: the example of vacancy diffusion in periclase" (Virtual Poster)




10th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM 10)- POSTPONED (COVID-19)

18-23 October, 2020 - Baltimore, MD, U.S.A

  • K. Gouriet, R. Reali , J.M. Jackson , J. Van Orman , P. Carrez , P. Cordier “Modeling creep of MgO and MgSiO3 at lower mantle conditions”
  • P. Hirel, P. Carrez, P. Cordier " Grain boundary complexions in MgO"
  • M. Landeiro Dos Reis, P. Carrez, P. Cordier " Migration of charged vacancies under strain fields in MgO"
  • S. Mahmoud, P. Carrez, M. L. Dos Reis, P. Hirel, N. Mousseau, P. Cordier "Long timescale modelling of Schottky defects diffusion in Periclase"


European Mineralogical Conference EMC 2020- POSTPONED (COVID-19)

6-10 September 2020 – Krakow, Poland (poster)


17th European Microscopy Congress EMC 2020 - CANCELLED (COVID-19)

23-28 August 2020 – Copenhagen – Denmark

Participants: H. Idrissi, N. Schryvers

  • N. Schryvers, V. Samaee, I. Ul Haq, P. Cordier, G. Lumbeeck, R. Dohmen , H. Idrissi “Investigation of grain boundary sliding in Olivine by in-situ TEM nanomechanical testing”


Final Deep Volatiles Programme Meeting - POSTPONED (COVID-19)

12-17 July 2020 - Santorini, Greece

Participant: P. Cordier


THERMEC 2020 - 11th International Conference on advanced materials - CANCELLED (COVID-19)

31 May - 5 June 2020 - Vienna, Austria


E-MRS - 2020 Spring Meeting - POSTPONED TO 2021 (COVID-19)

25 - 29 May  2020 - Strasbourg, France


Colloque Plasticité 2020 - CANCELLED (COVID-19)

30 march - 1st april 2020 - Toulouse


Nanobrücken 2020

Nanomechanical Testing Conference & Bruker Hysitron User Meeting - Programme

4-6 February 2020 - Düsseldorf, Germany

Participants: P. Cordier, H. Idrissi

  • H. Idrissi, T. van der Werf, G. Lumbeeck, V. Samaee, T. Pardoen, D. Schryvers, P. Cordier "In situ TEM nanomechanical testing of antigorite suggest weak interfaces” (Oral)
  • P. Cordier, G. Lumbeeck, V. Samaee, R. Dohmen, D. Schryvers, H. Idrissi “Quantitative in-situ deformation of nanocrystalline olivine in the transmission electron microscope” (Oral)






AGU Fall Meeting

9-13 December 2019 - San Francisco, California

Participants: P Carrez, P. Cordier

  • P. Cordier, V. Samaee, H. Idrissi, J. Gasc, S. Demouchy, F. Barou and S. Koizumi “Microstructural investigation of olivine deforming by grain boundary sliding” (Poster)
  • J.M. Jackson, and P. Cordier “Shear wave anisotropy and viscosity of iron-rich (Mg,Fe)O: Implications for ultralow velocity zones” (invited)





TimeMan 2019 @ Louvain-la-Neuve

8-9 October 2019 - Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Participants: All the team !




Congresso SIMP-SGI Parma 2019

17-19 September 2019 - Parma, Italy

Participant: P. Cordier

  • P. Cordier “Creeping minerals: new insights from numerical modelling and transmission electron microscopy" (Plenary lecture)


Dislocations 2019 conference

15-20 September 2019 - Haifa (Israel)

Participants: P. Carrez, J.H. Zhaï

  • J.-H. Zhai, P. Hirel, Ph. Carrez "Atomistic simulation of jog pair in magnesium oxide" 
  • Ph. Carrez, S. Mahendran, P. Cordier "On the glide of [100] dislocation and the origin of “pencil glide” in Mg2SiO4 olivine: insights from atomic scale modeling"  (Invited lecture)


Ecole d’été “Modélisation des Matériaux”

15-19 July 2019 - Istres

Participant: P. Hirel, K. Gouriet


XIX International Meeting on Crystal Chemistry, X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy of Minerals

2-5 July 2019 - Apatity, Kola peninsula, Russia

Participant: P. Cordier

  • P. Cordier "Crystal defects and flow in minerals from the Earth’s mantle" (Plenary lecture)


Intergranular and Interphase Boundaries in Materials - IIB 2019

1-5 July 2019 - Paris (Programme)

Participant: P. Hirel, A. Mussi

  • P. Hirel "Numerical simulation of grain boundaries in oxides" (Oral: Monday July, 1st 11:40am)
  • A. Mussi, BC Nzogang, C. Bollinger, P. Cordier, J. Bouquerel "Characterization of recovery by boundary migration and dynamic recrystallization in experimentally deformed polycrystalline olivine" (Poster)


CECAM Workshop: Microscopic simulations: forecasting the next two decades

24-26 april 2019 - Toulouse, France

Participant: P. Cordier, P. Carrez

  • P. Cordier: "Plasticity of minerals of the deep Earth: toward an approach combining numerical modeling and nano mechanical testing" Invited


ICAMME'19 — The International Conference on Advanced Materials, Microscopy and Energy

17-19 april 2019 - Meknès, Maroc

Participant: P. Cordier

  • P. Cordier: "Deforming minerals and rocks: from the atoms to plate tectonics and the rheology of the mantle", Keynote lecture


Colloque Plasticité 2019

15-17 april 2019 - Université de Lille


EGU General Assembly 2019

7–12 April 2019 - Vienna, Austria

Participant: P. Cordier

  • Patrick Cordier, Ahmed Addad, Philippe Carrez, Damien Jacob, Shun-ichiro Karato, Anwar Mohiuddin, Alexandre Mussi, Billy Nzogang, Pascal Roussel, and Andrea Tommasi "Anhydrous Phase B: Transmission Electron Microscope Characterization and Elastic Properties " Mon, 08 Apr, 14:00–15:45   Hall X2
  • Hosni Idrissi, Thomas van der Werf, Vahid Samaee, Gunnar Lumbeeck, Thomas Pardoen, Dominique Schryvers, and Patrick Cordier "In situ TEM nanomechanical testing of antigorite plasticity and faulting " Thu, 11 Apr, 15:00–15:15   Room K2
  • Julien Gasc, Sylvie Demouchy, Fabrice Barou, Patrick Cordier, and Sanae Koizumi "Low-Temperature Deformation Mechanisms of Forsterite Aggregates and Implications for the Rheology of the Upper Mantle" Fri, 12 Apr, 16:30–16:45   Room D2


Excursion géologique de la SFMC

March 28-29, 2019 - Île de Groix (Morbihan)

Participants : P. Cordier & A. Mussi


Final ITN CREEP Workshop

27 Jan-1st Feb 2019 - Les Houches, France

Participant: P. Cordier

P. Cordier "Rheology of mantle minerals: constraints from atomistic and dislocation dynamics models", Invited





AGU Fall Meeting

10-14 Dec 2018 - Washington DC, USA

Participant: P. Cordier, R. Reali

  • A. Goryaeva, P. Cordier, A. Tommasi, D. Mainprice, P. Cordier. On Anisotropic Plasticity of MgSiO3 Post-Perovskite and its Geophysical Implications Inferred from Atomistic Modeling - Oral - Invited (Monday, 10 December 2018 - 11:35 - 11:50 - Marriott Marquis - Archives)
  • F. Garel, C. Thoraval, S. Demouchy, A. Tommasi, K. Gouriet, P. Cordier, P. Carrez, R. Davies. New insights on the role of olivine dislocation creep rheology in subduction dynamics models - Poster (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 - 13:40 - 18:00 - Poster Hall)
  • R. Reali, J.M. Jackson, J. van Orman, D.J. Bower, P. Carrez, P. Cordier. Modeling Strain Rates and Viscosity of (Mg,Fe)O at Lowermost Mantle Conditions - Oral - Invited (Wednesday, 12 December 2018 - 10:35 - 10:50 - Marriott Marquis - Capitol/Congress)
  • R. Reali, J.S. Pigott, J. van Orman, J.M. Jackson, F. Boioli, P. Carrez, P. Cordier. Constraining viscosity of bridgmanite under lower mantle conditions - Oral (Thursday, 13 December 2018 - 09:30 - 09:45 - Marriott Marquis - Capitol/Congress)
  • A. Davaille, N. Sgreva, R. Reali, P. Carrez, P. Cordier. Plumes morphology in a visco-plastic mantle - Invited (Thursday, 13 December 2018 - 09:45 - 10:00 - Marriott Marquis - Capitol/Congress)
  • P. Cordier, T. van der Werf, G. Lumbeeck, V. Samaee, T. Pardoen, D. Schryvers, H. Idrissi. In situ TEM nanomechanical testing of antigorite suggest weak interfaces - Oral (Thursday, 13 December 2018, 14:40 - 14:55, Marriott Marquis, Capitol/Congress)
  • C. Bollinger, K. Marquardt, F. Ferreira, B.C. Nzogang, A. Mussi, P. Cordier. On the Role of Grain Boundary Processes and Mobility on the Rheology of Forsterite: Microstructural Evidence - Poster (Thursday, 13 December 2018, 13:40 - 18:00, Poster Hall)