Rheology of Earth Materials :
Closing the gap between timescales in the laboratory and in the mantle

Job opportunities

Several PhD projects and postdocs positions will be proposed within the project.

It is also possible to apply for support on short-term projects related to TimeMan and associated technical developments.

Applications must be sent by e-mail to P. Cordier.

Open positions








1 PhD position (3 years) on dislocations in olivine

Positions attributed

1 Post-doc position @ULille (2 years) on "numerical modeling of rare events" (Sami Mahmoud, started july 2019)

1 Post-doc position @ULille (1 year) on "numerical modeling of dislocations-vacancy interactions" (Marie Landeiro Dos Reis, started October 2019)

1 PhD position @EMAT on "Investigation of the nanoscale plasticity/damage mechanisms in Earth mantle silicates by transmission electron microscopy" (Ihtasham Ul Haq, started February 2020)

1 PhD position @ULille (3 years) on "Atomistic Modelling of the mechanical properties of silicate glasses" (Valentin Delbecq, starting date October 2020) - Financial support ULille/ERC

1 PhD position @ULille (3 years) on "Dislocation tomography / dislocation dynamics coupling" (Timmo Weidner, Starting date January 2021)

1 Post-doc position @ULille (3 years) on "Numerical modeling of grain boundaries in olivine at the atomic scale" (Jean Furstoss, Starting date January 2021)