Rheology of Earth Materials :
Closing the gap between timescales in the laboratory and in the mantle

29-31 May 2024 - EMMC19

19th European Mechanics of Materials Conference

Symposium S13: Experimental nanomechanics on Thursday
Christoph Kirchlechner (MPIE Dusseldorf, Germany),
Jon Molina (IMDEA Materials, Spain)

Don't miss:

  • P. Cordier, A. Orekhov, N. Gauquelin,  G. Kermouche, P. Baral, R. Dohmen, M. Coulombier, J. Verbeeck, J.P. Raskin, T. Pardoen, D. Schryvers, H. Idrissi "Room temperature electron beam sensitive viscoplastic response of ultra-ductile amorphous olivine films" (Keynote)
  • H. Idrissi, I. Ul Haq, A. Orekhov, D. Schryvers, P. Cordier "Stress-induced amorphization and grain boundary sliding in olivine" (Keynote)